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We are aware of the inequalities in our education system that is why we advocate for our students in Oxnard but we also are addressing the root cause of inequalities in the community. Oftentimes students don't have that extra support. Therefore the creation of Oxnard Student Success is necessary to allow students to thrive by accessing all the resources necessary to become successful.  

Through our academic mentorship program, students will have personalized time with a current College/University student to go through the whole application process including financial aid applications (FASFA/Dream Act). In addition, we will be offering weekly virtual services that consist of Tutoring, Writing: The College Essay and scholarship, and Application Assistance to students throughout the academic year.


 In the world of education, there are never enough resources! We are not trying to take away from long-established education programs here in Oxnard but rather we are here to supplement the push for students to enter higher education. 

Who We serve

 With an initiative to admit more historically underserved students into higher education, we have made it our responsibility to accommodate and assist Oxnard students from all types of backgrounds and with all types of identities.

We are a safe and accommodating space for all historically underserved students including, but not limited to LGBTQ+ Students, First-Generation Students, Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students, Undocumented Students, Students with Disabilities, Students of Color, and Black Students.


Students in high school and community college who live in Oxnard have access to our services.

WHY WE NEED Oxnard Student success

To support all students, in particular, those who are low-income, first-generation as well as provide for historically underrepresented populations in Oxnard, CA.

OSS is a student-led org that allows current high school students to relate and create connections with students who are in higher education. 

There is no current organization like OSS in Oxnard, CA. OSS is completely free and virtual which means it is easily accessible. 


Due to COVID19, students will not be taught in the normal school setting, most students will have to take the initiative of their learning. As an organization that can adapt to ever-changing world conditions, Oxnard Student Success will be a resource that will become useful in our new virtual world.   






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