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This year, we will all have the amazing opportunity to work alongside high school and community college students. We are looking for current students who are attending university or have recently transferred to assist high school students and current transferring students. As recent students who have gone through the journey into higher education, you can be the person you wished was there to guide you. If you had that support this is an opportunity to give it more students. 

Advisors will build an academic relationship with students and assist students. Advisors will volunteer in services such as Application Assitance and Writing: The Collge Essay & Scholarships. 

Volunteer to become a tutor for the following subjects:  Math, History, English, and Science subjects. 

CLOSED: Academic mentors will have the ability to make a difference in high school or community college students' lives. You will be their guide in moving on to higher education. Academic mentors are expected to have a good, professional relationship with mentee(s) throughout the year. Academic mentors guide mentee(s) into higher education through workshops, tutoring, guidance, and support. Academic mentors must encourage mentee(s) at all times to try their best to succeed in high school and post-high school.

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